Thursday, December 4, 2008

Up on the House Top

Greg, his dad, and a very good friend of ours spent a couple of weekends working on the roof to replace all of the decking that was damaged during Ike. Now that that's done, we have been waiting for someone to be able to come out and reshingle our roof. Understandably, roofers have been a little bit busy lately.

Greg was at Home Depot in Mid-County the other day and saw a roofer's business card on the bulletin board, so he grabbed it and gave him a call. The guy was busy, but he told Greg he would see if he could pass the job on to someone else. Well, Greg got a phone call today from a guy who said he was ready to come do our roof now. Like "right now." Like the "right now while Greg is at work" kind of "right now." Normally it's not a big deal for people to come do work on the house while Greg's at work; but because we decided to take the chimney down and remove the fireplace, there was some work he needed to do in that area after the old shingles were removed but before the new shingles were put on, which meant he had to be there while the guys were working. But today was Day 1 of the Bulldog Classic; and as pretty much every coach will tell you, when your school is hosting a basketball tournament and you're one of the basketball coaches, you don't miss your tournament for anything. Period. But then again, pretty much every coach doesn't have the wonderful Brian English for a head coach. Brian told Greg to go ahead and go.

Fast forward 30 minutes. Greg has permission to leave the tournament so he can be there to get done what he needs to get done, when the guy calls again. Turns out they're turning around and heading back home because the weather is too nasty to work on a roof. Greg explains to the guy that he has to be there with them and won't be able to be there again any other time, so can't they just come out and least try to work if it's not raining too badly. So the guys agree, and to make a long story short, the rain clouds were right there but not one single drop ever fell!

They worked until dusk, but they didn't completely finish. They'll come back tomorrow morning and do the rest before the girls and I leave for a new co-op we're trying out. After they left, Greg felt a definite responsibility to get back to the tournament and at least finish up the evening, and the girls and I decided to go with him. I'm so glad we did because this is what we saw on our way:

It looks like mountains in the background, but this is actually the wall of storm clouds that I'm convinced God held back for us, showing us once again that He is taking care of us through this whole process!

Rejoicing that He cares about the details in our lives,

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