Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ice skating!

Today after church we took Hannah and Camille ice skating for the first time! The City of Beaumont set up an artificial ice rink in the parking lot of the city's main library branch. It was only $5 apiece for 30 minutes of skate time. Not a bad deal! The girls enjoyed watching the group before us until it was their turn.

Millie did amazingly well, but apparently she felt quite a jolt when she finally fell because she kept telling us her hiney hurt and she didn't want to skate anymore. In fact, her ice skating adventure was so short that this is the only picture I have of her actually skating!

Hannah, on the other hand, started off as wobbly as a newborn calf, but she hung in there and ended up doing really well by the time her 30 minutes were up.

Assuming I uploaded these video clips correctly (and this is my first time, so who knows?!), you'll be able to see Hannah in action! The first clip shows you what she looked like most of time, and the second video shows her twirling on the ice. (Sounds quite impressive, but I think I just happened to be filming at the right time!) Sorry for the sideways video! Someday in my "free time" I'll learn how to edit it.

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