Friday, December 26, 2008

On the third day of Christmas . . .

Today was our day to celebrate Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa and Uncle David's family. It was a quick celebration as they are all headed to Florida early in the morning to vacation at Disney World and watch Ashley perform during the halftime show at the Capital One Bowl.

Because Mom and Dad had packing to do and didn't need to be tied up in the kitchen and because I have been wanting to try some new recipes, I prepared a couple of dishes for our gathering. I made Ham & Swiss Quiche and Crabmeat Parmesan Quiche, with White Chocolate Fruit Tarts for dessert. Yep, here we are with 5 days left in 2008 and I finally decided to do my fancy cooking for the year! Mom and Dad also put together a deli tray and some chips and dips, so we had quite a spread!

Here are a few highlights from our evening together:

I know I'm a little biased, but don't my parents have a good-lookin' bunch of grandkids?

The hit of the night for Hannah was her pink Leapster from Grandma and Grandpa.

Millie loved this Disney Princess dress-up chest from David and Shasta.

She immediately dressed up as a princess and stayed that way the rest of the evening.

Somehow she even managed to get Greg in on the action!

By the way, Greg doesn't ever read this blog, so let's just keep it our little secret that that last picture is on here, okay? Thanks!

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