Friday, August 8, 2008

It was not good for man to be alone

It wasn't good for Adam to be alone, and it's not good for us either! So last night Hannah had a friend spend the night, and they did school together today. Hannah had already completed her math lesson for the day, so she read her story to Rachel and then we did the My Father's World activities together.

Hannah and Rachel used Hannah's creation poster to take turns telling what happened on each day of creation. (The creation poster is a nifty little project Hannah has been working on for the past couple of weeks. I learned two things from this project: (1) Hannah passionately hates to color; and (2) she is apparently quite talented with a pair of scissors and should be in charge of trimming all of my laminating from now on.) Anyway, they had to not only tell what happened on each day but also make sure they were using ordinal numbers in their description so they understand that "1" means "first," "2" means "second," and so on.

Next they pointed to the letter flashcards while they sang the alphabet song, first with letter names, then again with letter sounds.

After this they played a game of "Go Fish" with Hannah's alphabet cards to practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Usually we just ask for a letter by name, such as, "Do you have a 'B'?" But today they asked for a letter by sound, such as, "Do you have a card that says /b/?" It was fun to watch their minds at work!

Finally, we went for a walk and took pictures of things God created and things man created. (The plan is for us to print these pictures out and make a chart. I'll post pictures when we finish it.) By the time we finished walking in the midday August heat, we were all ready for a good swim.

Today was the last day of VBS, and we are all ready (even Hannah!) to get back to our routine! We have been getting home somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 every night, and I think it has caught up to us all!

We begin our unit study on the sun next week, which we are both very excited about! We also start using our 100 chart, counting cup, calendar, and handwriting pages (an area that definitely needs work!), among other things. This creation unit has been wonderful first and foremost because it has hopefully laid a foundation for Hannah so she understands that everything we'll study throughout the rest of the year was, in fact, made by God. But it has also been perfect as a gentle introduction to kindergarten. Next week starts the real deal! I probably won't post again until the sun unit is completed on the following Monday. (But don't worry; I'll take pictures throughout the week and include them in the post!)

Much love,

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