Monday, August 4, 2008

I saw it as a good thing!

Today was a really encouraging day for me. No, we didn't have a day with no sister fights or perfectly obedient children or anything like that. In fact, we started off the day with a two-year-old who could have easily been named Queen of the Cranks and a five-year-old who could have won "Most Desperately in Need of an Attitude Adjustment." Wondering how that could possibly be encouraging? Good! I'd love to share!

I finally conceded and put a movie in for Millie so Hannah and I could do school. But every time I would try to do something with Hannah, she would sigh the dramatic I'd-rather-put-my-hand-on-a-hot-stove-all-morning-than-do-this sigh. A mom can only take that for so long. Eventually, I closed my book and talked to her about some attitude problems I had noticed throughout the morning. She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry, Mom. I'm really tired, though." Did you catch that? No screaming and running back to her room. No "You mean you don't love me anymore?" No trying to blame it on me or Camille. Just an apology followed by an honest, straight-forward explanation. WOW! I was dumbfounded. I excused her from the table to go rest in bed for a while, then we did school when she decided she could participate with a joyful heart.

When she did come back, we had a wonderful time. We studied Day 6 of creation today, when God created land animals and people. For the sixth page of her creation book, Hannah glued foam animals stickers and a picture of Adam and Eve onto her paper.

Greg made her special snack while we were at VBS tonight and had it waiting for her when we came home. It was animal crackers and a stick man made out of cookies.

We still have three more days in our creation unit, then we move on to a "sun" unit and a "moon" unit. I couldn't help but giggle on the way home from VBS tonight when Hannah looked out her window at the crescent moon and asked, "Mom, makes part of the moon fall off like that sometimes?" We talked a little bit about the moon reflecting the light of the sun and part of the moon being in a shadow, which led to a conversation about where the sun is now, which led to a conversation about the earth constantly moving. Hannah said, "You mean like Texas will someday be in North Carolina?" Hmmm...ya think she might be a visual learner? Thank God I have my globe and flashlight ready for that lesson when it comes around! Regardless of whether or not she understood my explanation, I still saw God's goodness in giving her a curiosity for the heavenly bodies just as her study of it is about to begin.

Please pray for us this week as we are getting to bed late because of VBS and getting up early because of Greg's two-a-days. We could all benefit from a couple of nights with really good sleep!

Much love,

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