Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think she got it!

For part of Hannah's school last week, we compared people who love Jesus to the moon because Jesus' light shines on us and makes us become a light so others can find Him, much like the sun shines on the moon and gives it light. I think she really "got it" because at breakfast this morning she said, "Mama, you know Jesus and you read His Word, so you're like a light for me and Millie right here in our home."

Well, melt my heart, why don't ya? And yes, that more than makes up for the ruler comment from the other day!

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laura said...

we MUST get together! i so miss you and pray for you often. we are loving the homeschooling. i can't believe how big the girls are now- they would have so much fun with Beth and Sarah Jane. (now 6 and 2) the co-op is wonderful and i would totally recommend it. althought it's only been 2 weeks! hannah did get what you were talking about- isn't it wonderful when God blesses us with ah-ha! moments with our children. usually just when we need them. so glad to hear from you-