Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't Flip Out!

Hannah loves to create things. Hand her some cardstock and scissors, and there's no telling what she'll come up with. Today she was sitting at the table, creating away while I was on the computer. She came up behind me and said, "Mom, how do you like them?"

So I turned around and looked down, and then I saw them.

I had that feeling that only a mom can have when you look at something like that that your child made and somehow feel proud, as if she's the most clever person you know. And honestly some days I think she is.

Still don't know what they are? Here, this will help.

Oh, but it gets better. Let me show you the entire ensemble.

And what's more, there are two of them!

They call themselves "Fashion Girls." In fact, you may have heard them in Wal-Mart earlier today. The same conversation, over and over and over again. It went something like this: "On 3, Millie. Ready? 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . ." Then they both yelled, "FASHION GIRLS!" as they threw their arms in the air and then wrapped their hot pink scarves around their bright yellow t-shirts.

So if you ever notice "Fashion Girls" in your clothing labels in 20 years, you can tell everyone, "I knew them back when . . . ."

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