Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kids with kids

Well, it took Rose and me four weeks to come up with a goat visitation time that worked for both of us, but it couldn't have turned out more perfectly. She emailed Friday to let me know that one of their nannies had just given birth to twins!

This afternoon we stopped by the store to pick up some carrots and apples and headed to Rose and Wade's house. The girls were excited just to feed the goats, but they were in for a special treat when Mrs. Rose let them hold the babies.

Pretty much all of them liked the carrots.

But this is the only one that would eat the apples. Rose noticed that she was quite pregnant and wondered if this had something to do with it. Maybe goats have pregnancy cravings, too???

The pregnant goat kept trying to nibble the green ponytail holder in Millie's hair. I think she thought it was some type of green leaf!

I don't know if the girls had more fun feeding the goats or if I had more fun fellowshipping with a very wise friend. It was a great time for all of us and well worth the wait!

Praising God for His perfect timing,


Carrie said...

Yea! You are moving up! Now my blog shows "9 months!" ... Can't wait until it says stuff like "2 days ago!" ;)

beaglemamma said...

Um, gosh, Carrie! What ever are you talking about? Isn't it OBVIOUS that this post written on February 18, 2009, and NOT December 7, 2009? Geez!! ;)