Friday, February 6, 2009


Today was World Culture Exhibit presentation day at co-op. I decided to let Hannah choose which country she wanted to study. I guess I expected her to just point somewhere on the globe, but she knew exactly which country she wanted: China. I guess this is because she has heard us talk about it with friends who adopted from China, or maybe because that's the country we used for "the other side of the world" when we did our Ss Sun unit.

I'm pretty dogmatic about making learning exciting for my kids. If they study China, I want them to walk away feeling as if they have actually been there and experienced the culture themselves. But there was so much information available on Chinese culture that it became overwhelming to decide which information to include in our report. Then I had an idea: What if we made an ABC book about China?! I ran it by Hannah, and she jumped on board wholeheartedly. Soon, we had all 26 of our topics.

I found a picture of each topic and printed out a page with the picture and a brief summary. Hannah glued the pages to yellow and red construction paper. Then we laminated the pages and bound the book so we can keep it for a precious keepsake. She has read it over and over again for the past couple of days.

Wanna see it? Here you go! (But I have to tell you it's MUCH cuter in person!)

I'm noticing that the group learning activities we do at co-op sometimes seem like too much work in the beginning, but so far they have ended up being a lot of fun and have added so much to our schooling!

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Carrie said...

Jennifer ~ You are making the rest of us look bad!!! ;)

I love the China book, and I love how Sadie was included!!

We just love y'all!!! ;)

P.S. So far I'm LOVING my Christmas gift!!