Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last one born is a rotten egg!

Well, they can't ALL be perfect days, right? Millie woke up a good hour and a half earlier than usual (and I won't say what time that was because it's still considered "normal" by most people's standards!), and as a result she was a toot the entire time I was trying to work with Hannah! My mentality today wasn't to have fun doing kindergarten but just to get it over with so I could do something with Millie besides send her to time out every time she repeated her new favorite phrase: "No, mama! I won't do it! You're not my boss!"

Somehow we did manage to get our lesson done today, which was a study of the second day of creation when God made the sky and the water. We colored a page in Hannah's student workbook and had to have a talk about taking her time so it would be neat. Initially she wasn't too pleased with my remark, to say the least, but I praised her when she began to do neater work and she perked back up. She had a blast making the second page of her creation book with the sparkling water and fluffy cotton ball clouds.

For snack today we had blue Koolaid to remind us of the water God made and marshmallows to remind us of the sky. And Millie even perked up when the marshmallows came out!

Millie is now sleeping soundly, hopefully catching up on what she missed last night, so I think I'll do the same.

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