Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another good day!

Today was a MUCH better day! I think the girls must have been exhausted yesterday because Camille slept until 8:30 and Hannah slept until almost 10:00! I was just about to go in and check on her when she made her way into the kitchen this morning. Anyway, Camille was in a great mood today, which made school easier, and I also did our lesson a little bit differently today. Usually we do My Father's World first, then math, then reading. Well, she loves My Father's World so much that the rest of the day is kind of a bummer compared to it. So today we started with reading, then moved on to math, then did My Father's World last. It was a really great day! I'll try it again tomorrow and see if I have the same results.

Today we studied the third day of creation, when God made the dry land and vegetation. Hannah made the third page of her creation book, which was so fun! She cut out water and land, then used paint to make a handprint tree and fingerprint fruits. I'm not sure which kind of tree has oranges, apples, and lemons all growing on it, but whatever kind it is, that's the kind she made.

For our dinner tonight, we had coconut "grass," peanut butter and jelly "flowers," and oreo and chocolate pudding "dirt" to remind us of everything that God made on the third day.

Hannah has been really helpful around the house this week and incredibly patient with Millie. I attribute so much of it to the fact that I'm present. Not just physically present, but mentally and emotionally present. This morning before school started, she thanked God for her kindergarten and that she got to do so many good things in it. Later Greg said he had a headache, and right away Hannah prayed for him. Then on the way to church this evening Millie said her hand was hurting where she had cut it with scissors earlier, and Hannah prayed for her. I pray that God continues to give me the discipline and the desire to be with them—really be with them—every day, and that Hannah continues to be drawn closer to the Lord as she studies His Word.

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