Friday, November 5, 2010

Joisey, Baby!

I've been pleasantly surprised over the past two weeks to see how much Hannah is enjoying her bird studies in science.  She has taken a liking to one bird in particular:  the goldfinch.  She likes the goldfinch so much, in fact, that she wanted to do her co-op presentation on it.  The problem?  It was Geography Day.  What to do, what to do?  With a little coaxing, she agreed to do her presentation over New Jersey since the goldfinch is its state bird and she would at least be able to talk about it a little bit.

We pulled some interesting New Jersey facts from our Adventures in My Father's World state sheet and some interesting goldfinch facts from Birds, Nests, and Eggs and assembled them into a book for her to read to her friends.  We did a similar project for China a few years ago (ABC's of China), and she still reads it to this day.

Here's the finished product.  (You might have to click the images to enlarge.)

It was quick and easy, and if it's anything like her China book, it will be one she revisits often!


Kimberly said...

Oh my! That is good! You say it was quick and easy? I am impressed. I found it very interesting and well written.

Gator Mommy said...

Awesome job! That is so great that it fit so perfectly with Adventures! I hope my boys become as interested in the birds.

Monica said...

Nice work (as usual)! Are you doing this for EACH state? If so, I'm sending my girls down (I'll come too and do the cleaning and cooking). What do you say?