Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life According to Millie (Part 3)

This was the moon we enjoyed on our way home from the grocery store tonight:

Sure, in the picture it looks a green pea that somehow caught fire and was thrown into the sky, but in reality it was a big, beautiful, full moon.

Millie must have been studying it in the back seat because she said, "Mom, does the moon start off in a big circle like that and then pieces just fall off?"

Loving the 3-year-old thought process,


Danaly said...

Hi Ms. Jennifer! ?:)
So glad you told me about your blog Today at dance class. I just bookmarked it and look forward to sitting down and reading your posts from the beginning. Hopefully, some time this weekend.

We have a family blog and a homeschool blog. The family blog is and from it you can link to our HS one which is

I sure enjoy our conversations during that one hour on Thursday morning. I feel blessed to have some Moms going on this homeschooling journey ahead of me.


Shannon said...

I see you!!!

Hi Jennifer! I thought I better come on here while it is fresh on my mind and so I will "follow" your blog. I just looked at some of your archives (very quickly) and I can see you used to spend quite a bit of time blogging. I am going to have to look closer at your "letter" posts. They look fabulous and even though that was last year for you it is this year for us, so I am sure it will be helpful to me. See you later!