Sunday, January 11, 2009

Master Bathroom

Today Bill and Shirley came in so Bill could help Greg and I tile the master bathroom. We didn't think anything was wrong with our master bathroom and had no plans to do anything to it, but our adjuster pointed out that because the place where the tree came through our bedroom ceiling is right next to the bathroom . . .

. . . there could be mold behind the shower tile and the only way you're ever going to know is if you tear it out. They gave us money to redo it, so we decided it's better to be safe than sickly (hee hee).

We're glad we made that decision, too, because this is what we found when we tore out the old tile:

See the nasty black stuff in the middle of the picture? Mold! We also found some in our bedroom, which required yet another call to Uncle Allstate.

We finished tiling the shower area and started on the floor before Bill and Shirley left, and Greg is finishing up the floor right now. Although I can't say that he enjoys working with tile (in fact, I think I heard the word "hate" thrown around a couple of times), I can say that he's doing a great job with it—especially since this is his first time to do it! His parents are planning to come back again next week so Bill can help with the grout and Shirley can help with the kiddos!

Thank you for all of your help, MeeMaw and Kimpaw! We love you!

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