Thursday, September 11, 2008


This has to be the most doable football season in the history of our marriage! For the second time in two weeks, all the schools in the Golden Triange are closed for a mandatory evacuation. And no school football! Let me tell you, we are incredibly grateful for this unexpected extra time with Daddy!

When we evacuated a couple of weeks ago, we went to MeeMaw and Kimpaw's house, so this time we decided to head to Grandma and Grandpa's house at the lake. (Although now that we're here and having some Rita deja vu, we're remembering that it didn't exactly work out so well last time we came here for an evacuation!)

Grandma has made good use of this time by teaching Hannah how to tie her shoes!

And Grandpa has worked with Millie all day to teach her how to pedal her tricycle. She actually went from learning to pedal her tricycle to riding her bicycle in one day!

Greg and I, having already mastered bike riding and shoe tying, are enjoying a little R&R while Grandma and Grandpa are available and willing to entertain the kids. Greg got to take a nap today (GASP--in the middle of football season?!), and for some twisted reason which is really beyond explanation, I have spent much of the day reading a book I selected from my parents' book shelf about the famous hurricane of 1900 that pretty much wiped out Galveston Island.

Hope all of you who chose to stay in the Golden Triangle stay safe! It appears that Ike is changing his path a little and might head a closer to our neck of the woods than we originally thought, but we know that God is good, always and in all ways.

May His peace be with us in the midst of this storm,

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