Friday, September 26, 2008

Forest Festival

Apparently Grandma and Grandpa recovered from our 10 days of living together because they invited the girls and me back for a trip to the Forest Festival. So today we all loaded up in Grandpa's truck and headed to Lufkin. No one knew exactly what to expect because we had never been before, but it was lots of fun!

When we first got there, Hannah spotted a Home Depot booth with ready-to-assemble projects for kids. She decided to build a bird house because she just finished studying birds, then she came back later to build a tool box for Daddy.

This guy was amazing! He took a chunk of tree trunk and, using only a chainsaw, turned it into a turtle. Might not be the most useful talent, but impressive all the same.

Hannah had fun jumping on the moonwalk and sliding on the slide, but we couldn't get Millie to do it. (She's a little like her Mama . . . not an adventurous bone in her body!)

While Hannah jumped, Grandma helped Millie make a butterfly. Then Hannah came and made one, too.

At first, Millie refused to ride any rides, but she finally mustered up enough courage to try one. She loved it, of course; and I tried my hardest not to give her the "I-told-you-so" talk when she got off.

The petting zoo had typical animals like goats and cows, but it also had more exotic animals like camels and zebras. (Maybe not exotic like panda bears or aardvarks, but definitely not something we see a lot of in our neck of the woods!)

The kids never get tired of petting animals, so we stayed...and stayed...and stayed...and stayed. (You get the idea.) By the time we made it over to the alligator show area, it was already full; so we decided just to head home.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure if the kids were more tired or if the adults were! But I do know that everyone has one year to recover, and then we're going back to catch that alligator show!

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