Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Lighter Side of Life

I don't think Greg has ever been the subject of one of these "The Lighter Side of Life" posts, but today he will be!  But first we'll start with Millie.  :)

One day we were talking about history in the car, and Millie asked, "Mom, what I want to know is, when did the Disney princesses happen?"

I said, "What do you mean, 'When did they happen?'"

She said, "You know, like when were they alive on the earth?"


Millie has been all about math lately.  She figured out how to add, and she's going crazy with it.  One day as Hannah was working on word problems, Millie came up to the table and told me she had a word problem for me.

"Suppose I have a napkin with 7 goldfish.  You ask for one goldfish and I give it to you.  Then you ask for another goldfish and I tell you 'no.'"

I could tell from her voice that she was about to get to the question part of the problem.  My mind was thinking of all the possibilities.  Maybe "How many goldfish did I give you?"   Or possibly "How many goldfish do I have left?"  Oh, no.  Her question was ...

"How does that make you feel?"


Some of Greg's powerlifting athletes advanced to Regionals, so he's been on the phone with them working out schedules and travel arrangements.  One of the kids' last name is Boutte, pronounced "booty."  One evening after dinner, this particular kid called Greg's cell phone.  He looked at the Caller ID to see who it was, and when he answered, he said, "Boutte!  What's up, man?"

Millie looked at me and said, "Mom, did you hear that?  Daddy called that boy 'booty.'  That's kind of rude, isn't it?"


And speaking of Greg ...

The other day we were driving along and talking about girls and drama and hormones.  I said, "Good grief, what in the world are you going to do in 7 years when there are three of us and only one of you?"

Without missing a beat, he looked at me and smiled and said, "That's why I built the shop!"


Would you belive I don't have one single funny Hannah story to share with you?  She has been minding her P's and Q's lately and staying busy crocheting and reading.  (She's attempting her first granny square afghan.)  I'll definitely have to keep my ears open and give you a good Hannah story next time.


As for myself, this isn't necessarily a funny story but more of a really quirky personality issue.  But I honestly just spent the last two days completing six weeks' worth of blog posts.  Apparently I can remember to take the pictures, I just fail miserably when it comes to transferring them from the camera to the computer.  :P  But something about the way my brain is wired makes it mandatory for me to post in chronological order, and heaven forbid I do more than one week's worth of school updates in a single post.  That just wouldn't set well with my OCD.  ;)  And if you want me to let you in on a little secret, another post will magically appear on Tuesday when I have a chance to update again, but it will have last Friday's date on it because that's when we finished that school week.  Told ya ... quirky.

So Stephenie, it's not that your computer was messed up and you weren't getting my updates!  It's just that my updates all went up at once!  :)

And Stephenie, Monica, and Erin ~ thanks for checking in on me and making sure everything was okay when I disappeared from the blogosphere for a while!  You girls rock!  :)


Carrie said...

Love it, Jen! Millie ... worried about how you would feel (she SO gets that from YOU!!) ... Greg and his shop ... you, *finally* (grin) catching up on your blog ... nothing to share about Hannah because she is growing up and so smart ... Gawsh ... I just love your family! ;)

So thankful for you in my life!

Pauline said...

I have enjoyed catching up with you as you posted your million blogs ;)

Monica said...

Yea Yea you're back! wooo hooo! You totally crack me up. Love your stories. Now I gotta go read all your posts.

Cajunrose said...

Too funny!!! You know, just today, I was thinking of you AGAIN and wondering why you hadn't updated. I really enjoy your posts. I came looking...and found that I'm missing you again. I have to figure this thing
I REALLY need to get moving on MFW Adventures. I'm WAY behind. I think we just did South Carolina? I haven't done any of the science (however, we ARE getting the worm study in and then the Monarchs, etc. We get PLENTY of science, just not formal!)