Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Bunked!

We finally finished the construction in the back of the house and got new carpet in the bedrooms! So for the first time ever, the girls slept with their bunk beds bunked!

Millie didn't understand why she couldn't have the top bunk, but when we showed her that her bed had pink curtains like a princess castle, she was suddenly very accepting. Hannah, on the other hand, decided she wanted to sleep in the princess castle! We told her she got to sleep on the top of the world's tallest mountain, and finally both of them were satisfied.

Hannah got a good laugh out of me earlier today. She was perched on her top bunk, and she said, "Mom, this carpet doesn't look as white as our other carpet."

I said, "Well, Daddy and I thought we would get something a little darker so it wouldn't show as much dirt as the other carpet did."

"Yeah," she said. "This one looks like they already sprinkled the dirt all over it!"

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