Monday, November 17, 2008

Mom of the Year (Part 1)

Just so we're clear, the "Part 1" is not because this post is so long that I have to divide it into Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. The Part 1 is because this is my first Mom of the Year moment to post on this blog. Rest assured, however, there will be many more; and as I share those with you, they will become Part 2, Part 3, etc.

Hannah finished the next level in her reading curriculum last week, and our deal is that when she completes a level, she gets to go on a special outing of her choice. Last time, she chose Chuck E. Cheese's; and this time, she chose The Children's Museum in Houston. (The timing was perfect because my car is in the shop getting repaired from the wreck, so I have an almost new Camry in the driveway for a couple of days!) This morning, everyone loaded up and we headed to Houston to celebrate.

Our first stop was MeeMaw and Kimpaw's house for lunch. They had all kinds of delicious treats waiting for us! (Thanks MeeMaw and Kimpaw!) Then we loaded up once again. Destination: Children's Museum. Thanks to the GPS (remember, we were in a rental!) we chose a route that didn't involve Houston freeways, and we easily found the museum. "This is such a perfect day!" I thought as we turned to enter the parking garage.

I noticed right away that the gate was down, so I pulled up to the booth to pay. Then I saw it . . . the empty booth with a note taped to the glass. "Children's museum closed on Mondays except during the holiday season." I don't know what hit the floor first: my jaw or my stomach.

Needless to say, Hannah was devastated when I broke the news to her. When the tears finally stopped flowing, she said, "Can I at least go back to MeeMaw and Kimpaw's house for my special day?" One quick call to MeeMaw and Kimpaw, and our new plan was in place. We headed back to MeeMaw and Kimpaw's, where MeeMaw had powdered donuts and milk waiting for us.

By the time we left, Hannah was smiling again and even climbed the magnolia tree outside the window of Greg's old room, but I still felt like such a loser mom! So stay tuned to read about our "make-up trip" to the Children's Museum!

Thanking God for His grace (and Hannah for hers, too!),

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